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Corpse Carnival's Coryphee

You appear to be lost.
This is the bloge of a girl that is troublesome.
But whatever, have a mini-bio.

Dizzy, 23, F, asexual, homoromantic, Alaskan

I am easily seduced by either Aussie or English accents. Also art. And food.
If you find yourself in need of the future zombie queen or a hermit you have come to the right place.

Also I am a freeter.

This bloge largely consists of more or less random interests, but it mostly comes down to "art" and "animals"..... Frequently Homestuck, anime, and jrpg related stuff. On extremely rare occasions, I write.

it is i DEER and this bird friend henry! birb friend on head?? why birb?? stop touch face plea

A frequent and understandable objection to the idea of clicker training is that you wouldn’t want to be stuck having to click and treat for the rest of your subject’s natural life. This, of course, is a misconception. The click is not intrinsic to maintaining the behavior; any old cue and any kind of reinforcer can do that. The click is for the training only. Once the learner has learned what you set out to teach it, you can put the clicker away. But you might use it again if you need to “explain” some new thing; you can communicate quite specific information with your clicker.

For example, my friend Patricia Brewington owns a clicker-trained Percheron gelding named James. Pat and her husband Daucy trained James with the clicker from babyhood through all his mature tasks of carrying riders, pulling wagons and sleighs, and hauling logs out of the woods. When James was fully educated, the clicker and food treats were no longer needed. James knew and complied with many voice cues and hand signals. He visibly enjoyed praise and patting as reinforcers for work well done; and also ice cubes, playing with balls, ringing his sleigh-bells with his nose, coming into the barn, going out of the barn, being allowed to watch whatever the people were doing, and many other daily-life reinforcers.

One day James developed an abscess in his foot. The vet decreed that the foot should be soaked periodically. So Pat got a bucket of warm water, set it next to James, and put his foot into the bucket. James took it out. Pat put it in. James took it out. Now James is a very large horse, and Pat is a small woman. Physical force was not an option; and Pat almost never scolds her horses. What to do? She went in the house and found a clicker. She came back out to the barn. She put James’2 foot in the bucket—and clicked. Pat described his response metaphorically, as reinforcement trainers often do: “Ohhh! You mean keep my foot in the bucket. Oh, okay.” No carrot was needed to seal the bargain; James just hadn’t understood what was wanted, and when he did understand, he didn’t mind doing it.

- Don’t Shoot the Dog, Karen Pryor (via ridingthescree)





Remember that time the U.S. shot down an Iranian civilian airliner over Iranian airspace, killing all 290 on board, including 66 children, and then refused to apologize for doing it?

"I will never apologize for the United States. I don’t care what the facts are. I’m not an apologize-for-America kind of guy." — Vice President (and then-presidential candidate) George H.W. Bush, commenting on the downed airliner, 8/2/1988

That quote makes me sick.

This is actually raw.

Most american ass quote jeeez


take a rest (´・ω・`)



Photographer Sophie Gamand's new series Flower Power portrays pit bulls in a softer, dreamier light to highlight their sweet nature.

always reblog flower dog


So I passed the game and it was a very fun and…sad game

Click here for the full drawing!


when u get online before ur friend and there’s big news in ur fandom



So I passed the game and it was a very fun and…sad game

Click here for the full drawing!


Romantic things to say to your partner.


shockingly, kids are sick and tired of paying hundreds of dollars for overpriced stacks of paper!!!!!! who wouldve thought!!!!!!


12 year olds in 2007 more like









A Texas man is under arrest after gunning down a SWAT team member as the officer quietly tried to climb in through the apartment’s window during predawn hours.

Police State USAreports  that a resident fatally shot Detective Charles “Chuck” Dinwiddie as the officer climbed in through a ground level window as part of a “no knock” raid. The officers were there due to suspicion that residents were in possession of controlled substances.

Upon hearing a noise, resident Marvin Louis Guy, 50, opened fire on the unidentified officers, shooting three others as well, although only one fatally.

Guy is currently being held on capital murder charges in connection with Dinwiddie’s death, even though it’s unclear how Guy was supposed to know that the men crawling in through the window were police officers since they hadn’t identified themselves.

The evidence sheet lists a laptop, a safe, a pistol, and a glass pipe, but no drugs were found. Given the evidence, why did police deem it necessary to seek a “no knock” warrant and why did a judge sign off on it?

Very little is known about Mr. Guy, but Dinwiddie left behind two children, all because his SWAT team went creeping into a home where the residents didn’t even have any drugs. Is that the best use of law enforcement tax dollars?

Guy’s bond has been set at $3 million dollars.


Thank you lieutenantnorals!

"cop breaks and enters with state approval, gets his ass shot"

brah………………. BRUV……………………..

this happened in Texas where it is perfectly legal to shoot and kill someone who is breaking into your home

Literally everybody knows that in Texas you can open fire on someone who comes onto your property without permission. What in the hell did they expect??

Where the NRA at? In the largest pro-gun state of Texass, those second amendment rights only apply if you’re white.

Oh no stand your ground for the homie right???? NO STAND YOUR GROUND FOR THE HOMIE RIGHT????!????!!!!